Club activity and high-performance sports

The top skiers of Jämsänkoski, memorial designed by Martti Hänninen and produced by Kontupohjan kiviveistämö (Kontupohja masonry) in 1995.Sports have been one of the most popular leisure time activities in Jämsä for decades. A wide base of sports enthusiasts has produced a large number of sports clubs, large general clubs and smaller clubs concentrated on one sport. These clubs have served as a platform from which some great athletes have risen. The basis for this has been the work that the active enthusiasts of the clubs have done for the hobby along the years

In the sports section, sports clubs of the region give short introductions into their history and operation. When completed, this section will give a cross-section of sports activities in the area from several decades.

The idea is that the club collects its own background material from which Museum24 compiles a short introduction.

Editor of the Sports section: Hannu Reijonen
Pictures: Archives of the sports clubs
Sources: Archives, collected histories and interviews of the sports clubs.