The Brothers' Old Office - a door to the aviation history of Finland

Old officeExhibitions at the aircraft factory
Open 4.6. - 15.8.
Every day from noon to 5 pm.
Other times by arrangement
Closed at Midsummer

The location of the exhibitions of the aircraft factory has been named the Brothers' Old Office. The building situated in Halli in Jämsä is owned by Patria Aviation and was built in 1940 as the office for Veljekset Karhumäki Oy.

The Brothers' Old Office houses, in addition
to exhibitions, the aerial view photo archive of Veljekset Karhumäki Oy,
 the archives of the Guild of Aeronautics, the small movie theater Korpi-Elo, aerial view photo postcard shop and meeting rooms.

Veljesten Wanha Konttori
Lentokonetehtaan näyttelyt, Lentoasemantie 3, 35600 Halli
Puhelin (03) 532 0125