Time of the company dairy and founding of the Co-operative Dairy 1886 - 1928

Jämsä was known as a farming area and cattle breeding also developed rapidly from the 1860s. The breakthrough of cattle breeding was also hurried along by an active farming society. Cattle numbers grew especially in the 1880s, and in 1886 the incorporated company dairy of Jokivarsi in Jämsä was founded. According to the company by-laws "the company will build a dairy facility near the Jämsä river for the making of butter and cheese and for the selling of various dairy products".

A dairy was built in Jokiranta, by the river on the south side of Seppola bridge, and it was ready to receive milk in November 1886. A mill and sawmill also operated next to the dairy. The machines were run by a two-horsepower steam engine. The dairy was not operational all year round, but stood still during the winter months. By the year 1888 the dairy was receiving over 2,600 litres of milk a day, and at the turn of the decade deliveries were made regularly by 49 farms.

Jämsä Co-operative Dairy is founded 1904

The Jämsä Co-operative Dairy, completed in1904. Steam power centre with its chimney in the middle and dairy mill at the right end.At the beginning of the next century, the decision was made to found a co-operative dairy in Jämsä. The founding meeting had been held in May and the Jämsä co-operative dairy began its operation in January 1904. The buildings and equipment of the company dairy were sold to the co-operative for 4,000 markka. One of the most eager founders of the co-operative was the rural police chief Hugo Palmroth who marked 40 shares. The participation share was set as 20 markka per cow.

The old dairy building was demolished and a new one built in its place. The plans were ordered from Pellervo and drawn up by dairy consultant Albin Voss-Schraderin. The plans were slightly altered; for example a cross-gable was added. The building work was done quickly and the new Jämsä Co-operative Dairy was ready to receive milk in July 1904. The mill and sawmill were also rebuilt in the years 1904 - 1905.

The shore by Jämsä dairy below Seppola bridge in the year 1917. On the left, the dairy building completed in 1904.In 1918 the Dairy Co-operative bought a dynamo for producing electricity. The dynamo was run by the dairy steam engine. Electricity for lighting was sold to central Jämsä area. The dynamo was installed by the engineers Ståhle and Kolho from the Jämsänkoski factory. Sale of lighting electricity from the dairy stopped in the year 1920.