Kuva: Seppo J. J. Sirkka / EastpressChurch environment

Jämsä church can be seen from a long distance. It invites the people of Jämsä and visiting tourists to spend some quiet time in a holy place. The church speaks as a building, with its art and symbolism.

The church is made impressive by its connection to life's turning points from generation to generation. Memories of joy and sorrow, of baptisms and confirmations, of weddings and funerals, are attached to the church.

The artefacts in the church museum tell a story of the changing traditions of the congregation over the centuries. Even when the times and people change, the idea of holiness is never lost.

It is interesting how the church space can speak to a person in every life situation. Tomorrow it can have a different message from today. Take some time to quietly listen to the eternal message as told by the Jämsä church.